Patch 9-10


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    Patch 9-10

    Post by NIMDA on Tue Sep 27, 2011 6:03 am

    Here we are at version 10:
    This version brings:
    -New Guild Icons List
    -New Bosses
    This New bosses are located on main map near death valley.

    -New Weapons
    You can forge this weapons in Ancient Dragon City North (ADC N)

    -New Zen Place
    Heaven and hell are now fill with level 150 160 165 and 170 mobs the zen spots are in normal zen spots like retail like server.

    -New GFX.
    Merged GFX from PWI to genesis animation skill meditation etc.

    -Changed login screen and character creation to make this server more unique.

    Thank you all for playing dragon network.

    Hello i`m Adina the new Admin!

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