Server Merge please read and vote


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    Server Merge please read and vote

    Post by NIMDA on Sat Dec 03, 2011 1:36 am

    Due to the fact the we have so less players on and we are planing to extend the gaming network with many other games we would like to inform you that this server will be merged with blue-dragon.

    All players that play here will get a consolation for moving to the other server.

    -Main accounts will get enough BDVP to level up one character to level 350.
    -Any Character you build on blue dragon will get a free vip set + 4 SVIP hp charms + 1God Pill and whatever anniversary patch will offer to you.
    -All Donations will be redounded in BDVP on blue dragon server.

    To get the free BDVP please send me a mail at with JUST ONE OF YOUR ACCOUNT on blue dragon where the BDVP will be sent.

    Thank you all for reading this post.

    Hello i`m Adina the new Admin!

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