We are recruiting GM/CO-Admin/GM-HELPER


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    We are recruiting GM/CO-Admin/GM-HELPER

    Post by NIMDA on Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:11 am

    Check List
    [] Having been an active and helpful member for 1 consecutive months?
    [] At least 18 years of age?
    [] Are you familiar with the rules on Genesis PW?
    [] Any past experience as a GM?
    [] Willing to work for 4+ hours a day?
    [] More than 15Days of playtime on your account?
    [] Have you been helpful in game?
    [] Available for further questioning if considered?
    [] Willing to provide ID to prove age?

    -Failure to read the stickies will result in instant rejection.
    -Failure to follow the correct format will result in instant rejection.
    -Failure to meet most of the requirements will result in instant rejection.
    -Having more than one application opened at a time result in instant rejection.
    -Applicant must wait 10 days after denial to reapply.
    -Applications may be deleted without warning at the end of the 10 days. Be sure to save it.

    General Information
    In game name:
    Forums name:
    Time zone:
    Contact Information (Whatever you are willing to share):

    Character List & Playtimes

    How long are you on the server daily?

    How long are you on the forums daily?

    What contributions would you say you have made to the Dragon Network servers?

    What would you say your best qualities are?

    What would one of your friends say about you?

    Are you a team player?

    Why are you applying for GM?

    Do you see yourself filling an important role on the current GM staff?

    What Interests you most about being a GM?

    How would you seek to improve the server as a GM?

    Have you had any past experience as a GM or as a moderator?
    a. If so, where and how long?
    b. If so, please post some sort of proof. If none is supplied, it won't hurt, but supplying
    some will increase your chances.

    Do you share any account(s)?

    Tell us a bit about yourself!

    Anything else you would like us to know?

    Short Answer Questions
    Explain what you would do in each situation.

    A player’s character is stuck on loading screen.

    A player is alive, but being told s/he is dead.

    A player has not received their donation items.

    You are unsure of the punishment for a rule.

    A player has received their donation items but not VIP status.

    A player has reported another player for breaking the rules.

    A player is unable to use the Genesis Launcher.

    A player is unable to make the custom weapon patch work.

    A player is unable to patch to the most current version of Genesis.

    You receive a ticket that does not make any sense.

    A player is doing something wrong, but there is no rule against it.

    You have mistakenly account banned a player, how would you rectify your mistake,
    causing as little inconvenience as possible.

    You are on another realm and the only GM online and are requested to answer tickets.

    A player reports that all items appear as question marks and say "retrieving information".

    A player has lost all his/her vote points after a server restart.

    Please send this to dragon.network.pw@gmail.com.

    Hello i`m Adina the new Admin!

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